Pricing Information

All fees are only a guideline as individual case variations will affect the costs and time-scales.


Children under the age of 18 are eligible for free NHS treatment with a qualifying IOTN (Index of Treatment Need) score. These patients must be referred by their General Dental Practitioner and have an orthodontic problem that warrants treatment for health benefits. NHS orthodontic treatment does not cover the cost of aesthetic clear appliances or replacement removable appliances and retainers. Any treatment conducted by your general dentist that is related to your orthodontic treatment is not covered by the NHS orthodontic fee.


Any person is able to undergo Private orthodontic treatment, whether they be adults or children. The main advantages are that there are sometimes a greater choice of appliance types, including clear braces or Invisalign, and there is greater flexibility in booking appointment times. Children who do not qualify for NHS treatment can also choose the Private option. We do not require a referral letter from you dentist if you would like to be seen on a Private basis. Just ring and arrange a consultation. Here is an outline of some of our Private fees:





Children's orthodontics

£1000 – £4500

Adult orthodontics

£1500 – £8000

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